Take Time


Take time to smell the flowers. Take time to appreciate all the wonders in life. Take time to appreciate yourself and others. You hear that? That’s silence. Take time to let it sooth you, to melt away all your stress and worries. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting the perfect photo that we don’t realize how perfect that moment would be if we’d just breath and soak it in. I want you to do something now. After reading and liking this post, go to a mirror of some sort, and tell yourself something positive. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, or how proud you feel of your accomplishments. (Remember, waking up in the morning is still a reason to celebrate) Take the time to value self-worth. Take the time to call someone special and tell them you love them, appreciate them, whatever you want! Just take the time away from spreadsheets, devices, life, and absorb the feeling of serenity and happiness. Everything will be okay, because everything works out. Do this every once in a while, and come back to this post if you need a refresher. Never forget to take time for yourself and never ever forget to take time for self-love.



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