A Meaningful Photo


This photo means a lot to me. Yes, I guess one could say it’s one of the most meaningful photos I’ve taken in 2017. I was perusing through a garden and discovered this lovely flower. Immediately whipping out my camera to capture it, my friend appeared behind me and asked a simple question: “Why would anyone want to photograph that?” I did not have an instant response as I was taken aback from that proposal. In my eyes, I thought this plant was beautiful. Obviously, my colleague thought otherwise. Slowing turning around, I gave her a hypothetical situation; “What if you were so ugly that nobody wanted to take a picture of you? What if you heard this statement on a daily basis? You became so nervous about social interaction that you couldn’t even walk to work because of how self-conscious you were. You began to perceive yourself as the girl who nobody wanted to associate with. The teenager who sat alone at lunch everyday. The woman who was never photographed.” Never before, I had seen someone’s mouth hang open for that long, nor their face turn that red before. “I respect your opinion, as I expect the same from you. I am not trying to embarrass you, but please keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, this flower is worth a photograph,” I told her.


Why has beauty become such an important standard for society? What happened to being confident, and not caring about other people’s opinions on my eye shadow? Why can’t I just flaunt my blemishes instead of covering it with concealer? Oh wait, it’s because I want Joe to like me. I don’t want him to see my facial flaws, because I am afraid of rejection. I am scared of people knowing that I get pimples when I’m on my period. Heck, even when I’m not! I am afraid of being seen as something I am not.


It is not your place to bully others or yourself.  If you want to wear makeup or buy that dress, then do so for you and yourself only! Not for the hope of pleasing others. Novody likes having bad skin, or gaining unwanted weight, but that’s nobody business. It’s certainly not anybody’s spot to criticize flaws, either. We are all human, with feelings. 

2017 Favorites





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