A Toast

Here’s a toast to life

Here’s to positivity, health, and many more to come.

I hope you encounter challenges that will lead to great accomplishments. I hope to see you grow and strive for success.

Here’s to that beautiful mind of yours, never let it go to waste. Bask in the Fragrance of your glory. You deserve it.

Here’s to health

I’m sending happiness, relaxation, and mindfulness your way. Don’t forget to meditate once in a while, or do some simple breathing exercises. Your mental health is important too.

Here’s to life

You are acing life my friend, and you are/will be fine at the end. Times may be tough, but never forget that waking up in the morning is still a reason celebrate. Continue to learn, and you will continue to grow.

Here’s to our daily reminder: I will always be here, cheering for you in the bleachers. I believe you are strong and I am always here if you need to talk. I’m not just a person behind a screen spreading positivity, I am your friend.

You are part of this little community that is “sophiaxphotos.” So there, you are a part of something magnificent. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.


Sincerely w/hugs,


One thought on “A Toast

  1. Hopefully I inspired you today, as I hope you continue to inspire others as well. Have a wonderful day my loves, and don’t forget gratitude.
    ❤ Sophia


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