Build a Bridge

Construire (CON-STR-IRE) meaning “Build” in French.

I want you to build a Bridge. Not a physical one, a mental one. But hey, its your Bridge so do whatever you want! What type of bridge do you have? Is it red, high, and busy? Or is it mello, quiet, and small? You decide, you’re the creator! Just as you are the creator of your own bridge, you are the creator of your own fate as well. You decide if you want Starbucks or Caribou. You decide if you’re going to take that new position, even if it means time away from you’re family. Your future is all from you. So, I want you to build a bridge between you and something/one important. Is today going to be the day where you stand up to that middle school bully? Is today going to be the day where you propose? Come out? Ask your boss for that promotion? Even if today is telling someone you love or appreciate them, make it part of your bridge. This bridge you’re building will lead to a goal patiently waiting to be accomplished. Make something part of this bridge, and consider it a step one. Step two will be another part of your bridge and so forth, until you reach your goal. Then another bridge will form to finish the other goals you may have. Maybe your bridge is to simply connect with more people. To say hi to a person walking past you, or to compliment somebody. This bridge can be anything you want it to be. If it’s ever difficult building your bridge remember, I am always here cheering you on. I believe in you.





One thought on “Build a Bridge

  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s topic of “achieving goals” and my writing in second person. 😛 How’s your bridge looking? Comment below if you want, I’m just curious. Have a splendid day and don’t forget to laugh! (You’ll live longer)


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