I Am Radiant

I want you to know that you’re fine. In fact, you’re amazing, outstanding, above average. You know why I say that? I strongly believe that everybody is beautiful. You, yourself, may not see it, but you are to somebody else. Whether it’s a partner, friend, pet, etc. I promise you are beautiful in every way and shape. Don’t ever forget that.

I don’t like to say “you’re perfect” because perfect means different things for different people. Also, WE SHOULD NOT BE PERFECT. It’s OK to have flaws! Just don’t dwell on them to a point where it discourages you. One might think “it’s a random person, does it even mean anything?” The answer is yes. My main goal in life is to make people smile and hopefully feel better about themselves. You want to know why I feel this way? Because it shatters my heart and soul to hear that somebody took their life away because they felt “ugly.” Or when somebody I think is beautiful disagrees. Let me tell you a story. I was in the restroom (freshman year of HS) and a girl I knew was next me. I was fixing my hair, she was taking out her makeup. I noticed she started to apply a lot more makeup than needed (in my opinion) since she had flawless skin! I told her this exact sentence, “this may sound weird, but I just wanted you to know that I think you are really pretty.” You know what she said? “OH NOOOOOOOO! That’s why I have all this makeup, I wish I was that pretty.” She seemed insulted that someone acknowledged her beauty. Notice how I remembered this conversation, like it was yesterday. I want you to compliment yourself now. A REAL, GENUINE, COMPLIMENT NOT A “I DONT LIKE ANYTHING ABOUT MYSELF.” Cause if you truly (which I doubt) don’t like anything about yourself, tell your heart this. “A stranger takes time out of her day to write about positivity, to inspire others and make them smile. A person who I’ve never met or known, thinks I am beautiful just the way I am.” After reading this post I hope you regconize your beauty, and maybe notice someone else’s too.





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