Dear Mental Illness

Disclaimer: I don’t suffer from any mental illness, but am a mental illness awareness advocate. (As I am part of the non-profit HEART) Mental Illness awareness is something I have always been passionate about, so I hope you enjoy my letter.

Dear Mental Illness,

You don’t define anybody. Most importantly, you aren’t defeating me. I am not ashamed of you. I am stronger than you, and will not let you take over my life. You are not the easiest thing to work with, but that’s ok. I am not alone. You are part of my Collage, in a way. The piece of the puzzle that I may not be able to solve quite yet, but will eventually. I am willing to work with you, if you are willing to work me. So let’s meet in the middle. I will try my hardest to overcome and cooperate with you, as you try your hardest to work with me. We share the same mindset. Hence the word share. Sharing is caring, and I care about my well-being. I want to have fun, hang with friends, go about my daily life not hiding from you. I don’t need to flash you to the world either, but I won’t be afraid of you. Scratch that actually, I am not afraid of you. I can do it. (Deep down though, if I am scared, that is ok too. It’s normal to be afraid, I just overcome it.) I’m going to end it here, mental illness. I hope you learned a little something about me today. I also hope you learned that I can face you, and that I can accomplish great things even with you here. Nothing in this world defines me, and nothing in this world can label me. I am my own person with my collage of life, and a story.





One thought on “Dear Mental Illness

  1. I am not an expert on mental illness, but if you enjoyed this, let me know in the comments and drop a like. I may then, start a “Dear Mental Illness” series. (I.e. Dear anxiety, depression, etc.) Have a great day and smile! 🙂


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