Dear Stereotypes


Amour (A-MOO-URE) meaning love in French.

White= perfect
Hispanic= criminal

Black= poor

Columbian=Drug Traffickers
Muslim= terrorist

Dear Stereotypes,

Please go away. Nobody wants or likes you. You hurt people’s feelings, and cause others to make unfair judgements that stick with them for a lifetime. All these examples of you I mentioned above, are all false. We are all human beings, who don’t wish to harm each other or believe/make false assumptions. I do not understand why you are still around. You spread negativity instead of positivity, which is not acceptable in my book. So today, I am going to prove you wrong.

White= Delightful

Hispanic= amazing

Black= outstanding

Russian= Excellent

Columbian= Flourishing

Muslim= Beautiful

However in all fairness, all ethnicities, race, cultures, etc. have one thing in common that will never ever change. Whether you stereotype, or others realize it or not. You know what it is? At the end of the day us beautiful humans, bleed the same color red. Nothing in this world, even YOU stereotypes, can change that.

I hope you learned a little something today stereotypes. I also hope you learned that we will and are standing up to you, stereotypes. You will not defeat us.




One thought on “Dear Stereotypes

  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s topic of “Fighting Stereotypes.” I strongly believe that stereotypes need to end, and am curious about your experience/thoughts about stereotypes. Comment below if you wish. Have a great day, and give someone a hug/high-five! ❤


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