Gratitude. Why do we have it? Why do we need it? It’s important to remind yourself that it’s the little things in life that make a difference. There will always be a least one person who has it worse, remember that.

Appreciate waking up in the morning, a homeless man will be waking up on the street. If he got any sleep.

Appreciate nature and watch the clouds go by, some have to listen to the explosions of bombs while stepping outside into a war zone.

I am not saying that you need to appreciate every minor detail in life, 24/7. I am simply reminding you to think positive no matter what situation you are in. Do this exercise once a week or so. Go to an area that relaxes you, whether its a bustling cafe, or a quiet meadow in the countryside. Wherever your happy place may be, think about all the things you are grateful for.


Now remember that I believe in you. I have faith in your ability to succeed, and my doors are always open when you need encouragement. I am grateful for you as well. I appreciate the fact that you visit my blog and continue to read my work, whether you follow or not. That doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you’re here now, reading this and realizing how important you are. How much you matter to this world, and to me. I must end it here but as I go, I send hugs and positivity your way. 🙂





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