I Want You to Know

I want you to know that you are not alone

There is always someone else going through the same/similiar thing, and there is always someone else going through something worse. Your challenges do not defeat you.

I want you to know that it will be okay

Yes, some may believe that this is cheesy, but I disagree. This quote (“it will be ok”), got me through some of my hardest times. Every road has an ending, and every journey has a story to tell. You will get through this, because (once again) I believe in you. Most importantly, you should believe in yourself. Have faith 🙂

I want you to know that you are strong

You are stronger than you know, as I have experienced this. I believe that I am a strong woman, but tend to forget that I’m a powerful woman. Lately I have been remembering, and it makes life much easier.

I want you to know it’s ok to be sad

Don’t hide your feelings and pretend everything is ok. You should be sad (when necessary of course), your feelings are valid. Don’t be fake, or a people pleaser. In fact, have a Lollipop to brighten your mood.

I want you to know my purpose

I write in hopes of spreading positivity, inspiring others, making you feel better about yourself, and maybe discover a few things about yourself as well. Overall, I hope to make a difference in lives. I hope this post eased your stress, made you think, or made your day. Of course I must end this post with our daily reminder.

I am always right here if you need me. I am not just a person behind a screen. I am a someone who believes in your ability to succeed. Whatever mood you’re in, revisit this post simply for a positive message.





One thought on “I Want You to Know

  1. I like to think of my page as a community consisting of my followers, myself, and those who don’t follow, but come back daily. Have a lovely day friends and don’t forget to inhale, then exhale. Relaxation is good for you. ❤


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