What inspires you? How do you find it? (Inspiration, that is.)

Whenever I feel uninspired or have writer’s block, I try to calm my mind. Generally, when you are a relatively busy person, your mind (as I put it) starts to race at a million miles per hour. I do not enjoy this feeling, as it causes me to feel overwhelmed and distressed. So I make myself a cup of Tea. After my beverage is made, I sit down in a cozy spot and stare out a window, or watch the world go by if I’m in public. Inspiration will come when you probably don’t need it, but that’s ok.

I usually find inspiration in nature. When gazing out a window,or physically being outside, I just appreciate the world around me and analyze nature’s pairings. For example, the flowers provide beauty and fragrance, while the bee’s keep them alive. The lovely green grass, provides vivid color and homes (in a way) for insects.

I also find inspiration in people. Yes, you inspire me as well. You all inspire me to continue writing everyday. Which leads me to our daily reminder; I appreciate and believe in you. I know that you will accomplish great things, but I am always here if you need to talk. Hopefully being apart of our little community inspires you too.





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