**This post was widely appreciated on my Instagram, so I decided to share it with my WordPress friends as well. 🙂 Enjoy!

The black bracelet symbolizes equality, as the pink one says “hope” and “faith.” (bottom)

I wear these bracelets everyday.

Whenever I’m stressed I look down at my jewelry, breath, then everything melts away.

When I look at these bracelets, I have hope that everything will be ok.

I have faith for this world.

Look at this picture whenever you need a small reminder, that the world will be ok.

That you will ok.

I am always here for you, and you will be okay. It may not feel like it now, or you may never feel fine, but I still believe in you. I will never lose hope or faith you. We are a community, and our family sticks together. Our Gate is never closed.





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