Missed Connections

Hey. I haven’t forgotten about you, writing, or this blog. I am not saying that this is an excuse, it’s just that I have been terribly busy and unsure about what to write about. Moving on, I am writing right now and that’s all that matters. Enjoy today’s blog!

In some movies there’s the tragic climax of misinterpretations. The classic two people meet and fall in love. THEN, (duh duh duhhh) one partner misinterprets a situation and breaks up with their lover. I mean, YOU SHOULD HAVE CONFRONTED YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER TO SEE WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. WHAT ABOUT TO TRUST?!

The point of that example is to express the message of taking risks. (Don’t be tame) The truth may not always be sugar sweet, but it’s better knowing then being unaware. I mean would you rather be happy and ignorant, or informed, yet slightly frustrated for all the mishaps and casualties in the world? On that note, be honest and try not to shy away from confrontation. Embrace it! Go deliver that news report with confidence and stick with your gut. Even if it doesn’t go as planned, you will be okay. I believe in you. I’m still here cheering you on, even when you don’t hear or see me. Most importantly, you should be there for yourself. Don’t be too hard on your body, cherish that beautiful mind and soul. You are worth so much and more. I’m going to leave you with one last thing; Sophiaxphotos is a community of safety, and positivity. Hopefully you feel this way when reading my work. Never feel that you are alone in Sophiaxphotos, you are a survivor.





One thought on “Missed Connections

  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, and let me know if it’s confusing. I had a hard time organizing my thoughts, but that’s ok! I got a product in the end! Have an amazing day you beautiful human 🙂:)


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