Sound of Silence

What happens when you stay quiet, but feel like shouting? Delivery: You are here alive. Breathing, reading this sentence. Now, would you like to make a comment?

Your feelings are important. You are important. You are worth it. Don’t bottle up those thoughts, instead let them out. Tell that special person you love them. Connect with that old college friend that you haven’t spoken to in years even though you still have their number. It’s better late than never. Stand up for yourself or even others. Don’t let the fear of “what happens next” take you down. You are a survivor.

Staying quiet when you want to shout, (or just talk) is building more stress. You don’t want to be stressed, right? Find an outlet that works for you. Just because Sarah runs for relief, doesn’t mean that you need too. If taking long baths/showers is what soothes your mind, then do it! Most importantly, don’t ever feel that you don’t have a say in something, because you should. You matter, because you are relevant to this world.


I believe in you and in your accomplishments. I know you can do it. My posts may not affect you in any way, and thats okay. (Whatever floats your boat!) I hope that they do because I am not just a positive person writing. I am here to share my thoughts with others in hopes of inspiring you. Or making you feel better when you’re sad or mad. I am here for you and still in the audience cheering for you.





One thought on “Sound of Silence

  1. Sorry for not posting yesterday y’all, I just wasn’t feeling it. 😦 ANYWHO on a positive note, I hope you enjoyed today’s topic. Have a relaxing day and don’t forget to smile!


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