What a Woman Is

Poder (pronounced: PO-DEER) meaning “power.” (language: Spanish)

I have a white t-shirt that says “Dark, bold, and spicy” in big, bold, black, letters. I receive a lot of compliments on this shirt, as well as the question of “what does it stand for?” I answer the same thing every time. “What a woman is.” When I say this, people usually look astonished or surprised. I don’t understand why. I am proud to be a woman and you should too. Men be proud to be men, (we don’t discriminate on my website)  but this post is all about women. So to all my fellow females out there, I send positivity, inspiration, and of course, hugs. (I am all about hugs 🙂 ) Women are everything and beyond, we work, entertain, care, and so much more. Congratulate yourselves ladies, you deserve it. A woman is a superhero in my eyes because there is no female quite the same. We have thick skin, but aren’t afraid to cry. We laugh tremendously, but hardworking. A woman is dark, she doesn’t let anybody fool her. A woman is bold, never afraid to take a risk with a dashing smile. A woman is spicy, always something new and full of spunk. In my opinion, us females, are the greatest gifts to mother earth.





One thought on “What a Woman Is

  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Comment below your interpretation of women or a empowering woman you know. 🙂 Have a great day and ladies, never forget how important you are. ❤


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