What It Means To You

What does being a friend mean to you? Is it loyalty, trust, honesty? Whatever it means to you, be that type of person. Confused? It’s all good, I’ll explain. Let’s say you believe that being supportive is the most important quality in a friend. For example, whenever you need a hug or advice that person is at your doorstep in a Jiffy. Try to be the same way.  You don’t have to be at their house, but you can be the one who is open-minded and there to listen. What goes around comes around.

Recognizing significant characteristics in others can be a nice way to reflect on yourself. I mean, would you want go to the mall with a narrow-minded narcissist? I’m not saying change yourself. I’m just suggesting that you should strive to be a better human. Maybe you have a difficult time telling somebody how you feel about their behavior. How you don’t want to see The Matrix, but are too scared of their reaction to do so. Or maybe it’s because they won’t consider the opinion. Well then, confront them about it. You don’t want to be perceived that way either, do you? Whatever being a true friend means you, consider those qualities. Try not to be what a bad friend is to you.


I know you can do it. I believe in your ability to succeed and I will support you. You are a survivor in this journey of life. It won’t always be easy, but you are determined and will get through it. I hope my writing means something to you, and helps you along the way. I truly pour my feelings to this blog, and I hope you see that. I’m not just a person typing, I’m a true friend who’s here when you need me.





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