Why Hide Behind the Shadows?

Why do we conceal under the Soil when we can flourish into the sun? Why do people focus so much on pleasing others, that they forget to please themselves? Yes, it is embarrassing at times to fall and make mistakes, but who hasn’t been there before? News flash, ITS A PART OF LIFE. You will pick yourself up and continue your way. (I believe in you!) Now since you’re moving forward, you might as well embrace who you really are! What’s the point of having friends who you have nothing in common with? To me, that’s very Unusual.You might as well befriend others who share common interests. (Much more fun this way) Do not be ashamed of who you are! If you’re a photographer, share/ tell your work with others! If you’re afraid to share your beliefs or opinions on something, go for it anyways! It’s likely, that you are not the only person in the room who agrees. This blog may not influence you in any way, (hopefully it does) and that’s ok. The one thing that I want you to take out of this post, is that you shouldn’t hide behind the shadows. Go out of your comfort zone, because thats where the magic happens. Outside. of. your. comfort. zone. Whenever you feel scared or skeptical about a new light, visit this post. I’ll be right here, encouraging you every step of the way.





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