You are Loved & Appreciated

You may not realize it now, and you might not realize it the future, but someday I hope you realize your very high value. I just hope you are aware that you are loved and appreciated. Some might think “by whom?” My answer is God, me, and yourself. The sign states, “God’s doors are open to all.” I am not here to preach, as I respect those who choose not to worship God. I am just here to talk. If you are part of the LGBTQ+, a Muslim, single, a woman, man, etc. you deserve happiness and non-judgement. You can be religious if you please, or reserved as well. The universe and God accept everyone for who they are and what they believe in. I for one, accept everybody with no questions asked. I don’t believe in negative judgement at first sight, because everyone has a story. BTW, you appreciate yourself as a matter of fact. By taking care of yourself, (even if it is simply brushing your teeth daily) you are showing your body care, appreciation, and love. Brushing your teeth daily tells your body that you love it so much, you take care of it and maintain clean hygiene. Not all doors are open, but keep remembering that you will eventually Caper across ones that are. God and my door are always open, without needing a key. Oh, one last thing, you are actually wonderful.





One thought on “You are Loved & Appreciated

  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s topic of “self-worth.” Share this with someone who needs a reminder, or comment their name/initials below. Never forget my loves, that you are worth something to this earth. You don’t need to know how or why, (if you do fantastic!) just know that you are. ❤


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