Nature Is Beautiful


Did you notice how the subject of this picture is a tree branch? Did you notice that there is no sense of wind rustling the leaves in this photo? To me, this was the perfect opportunity to capture. Focus on the stillness of this plant, how nonchalantly it sits, not moving at all. Now notice the texture of this creation. How symmetrical the lining of the leaflets are.

At some point in our lives, we have experienced the agonizing moment of
Waiting. When you just finished a test, and are anxiously waiting for the results. Or maybe it’s the few breaths you take seconds before you propose. It’s the feeling of waiting for answers to the unknown, the unexpected. Generally, (at least for me) your mind is racing at 100 miles per hour, while your heart is leaping out of your chest. In moments like this, don’t forget to breath. To try and be still like the leaves in this picture. Even though you may be uneasy during a chaotic period in your life, do some yoga, go outside, and try to relieve some stress. I believe in your ability to succeed. You are a survivor. My words may not relate to you, and that’s okay. At the end of the day, I just hope that it made you smile. Or at least inspired you to try something new. Have a great day you beautiful human.